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Fun & Entertainment

  1. DesktopMaster 2.0 -- Enjoy the newest desktop themes AND keep your computer clean! DesktopMaster is the #1 Software for your desktop themes!
  2. Mental FX - Psychedelic Utopia -- Trippy Wallpapers, Animations, Streaming Videos and Loads more Psychedelic Stuff!
  3. -- Hilarious Interactive Screensavers.
  4. Motivational Screensavers -- Vibrant Color - Beautiful Transitions - 77 Positive Quotes! BONUS - Web Army Knife is FREE With Any Purchase!
  5. South African eBooks and Screensavers -- eBooks by South African authors, cookbooks and screensavers.
  6. -- PixTrix Juggling Screensaver.
  7. Nature Isle Photos -- Screensavers, desktop wallpapers and photos from the tropical island of Dominica.
  8. Personal Calendar Generator -- Tool to generate your own wall or web calendar.