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Health & Fitness
Mental Health

  1. How to Hypnotize! -- SECRETS that really work! *unusual product brings massive click2sale ratio* THE AFFILIATES DREAM!
  2. The Science of Success --'s all in your Mind. At Last! You can be a success.whatever you do! (As heard on the Mike Litman show)
  3. Adventures In EFT -- Silvia Hartmann's Best Selling E-Book on EFT.
  4. Affirmations software - Sculptor3 -- Affirmation goal setting motivational software, for improved mental/physical health, personal growth & self healing.
  5. StarFields -- Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann.
  6. How To Know Your Higher Self In 7 Steps -- New Age & Personal Development Course.
  7. World of Alternatives -- New Age Directory including on line therapies and extensive downloads.
  8. The BSFF Original Manual -- Training Manual for Larry Nims Ph.D. Be Set Free Fast Techniques.
  9. The 5 Forgotten Fundamentals of Success -- Simple yet effective tools to get what you really want.
  10. start2think -- The official ASIT site.
  11. The Masters Course -- Self Empowerment Program based on Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis techniques.
  12. How to Stop Your Anxiety Now! --
  13. The Sidereus Foundation -- Quality Web Based Trainings.
  14. Improving Concentration -- Brainbuilding and Mind Development.
  15. Unstoppable Self Hypnosis Tool Box! -- A complete Kit including 36 Professional Scripts For Using and Understanding Hypnosis!
  16. TherapyAve -- Internet Counseling Service.
  17. The Choices Energy Psychology Manual -- Training Manual for the Choices Method by P. Carrington Ph.D.
  18. Supreme Confidence for Self Doubters -- Build confidence and defeat doubt with the Confidenza -supreme tools for supreme confidence.
  19. Download Hypnosis Videos -- Watch and learn everything you need to know. For the beginner or the professional. Affiliates earn $10-40 per sale.
  20. Center for Balanced Living -- career and life coaching and products.
  21. EFT & Hypnotherapy -- Using EFT and Hypnotherapy in combination.
  22. Coaching USA -- Self Help Products.
  23. Receive Your Keys To Power! -- Amazing new course teaches everything to develop your psychic abilities and tap the Unlimited Power of the Universe!
  24. Being A Success ebook -- Be a success in all that you do with this best selling success ebook.
  25. Become Real -- Gain psychological spiritual emotional and mental health.
  26. Live In a World With No Problems -- Dissolve problems and transform them into opportunities. in the real, get- results world.
  27. Alzheimers Tips -- A program that teaches people how to provide quality care to individuals with Alzheimer's disease/ memory loss!
  28. Key-Books eBook Collection -- Ebooks in the New Thought Self-Help / Self-Improvement Field.
  29. Hypnotic MP3 Hypnotherapy Sessions -- Hypnotherapy Session recorded in MP3 format (High volume and repeat business - good affilite return)
  30. Borderline and Beyond -- Self-Help Software and Phone/On-Line Counseling.
  31. SHOCKWAVES of Traffic . An AVALANCHE o -- AWESOME New Traffic-Generation System. BREATHTAKING Income Potential!
  32. Home of Happiness and Self-actualization -- Pick up a copy of Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maimum happiness, as well as THe Get Happy Workbook.
  33. Tame Your Brain! -- Learn unique strategies and techniques for personal success.
  34. -- A resource website dedicated to helping you succeed and enjoy psychology.
  35. AbbeyMore -- Mind-Power Healing Tools designed for life-enhancing changes to stress, anxiety, panics, phobia, fear & depression.
  36. Welcome to HelpPRO -- Searchable database of mental health provider information.
  37. Discover Your Life's Purpose -- Discover your life's purpose and incorporate it into a career.
  38. THE EMOTION PRISM -- A Self Awareness And Emotion Control Guide To Inner Peace and True Happiness.
  39. Life Is Like A Restaurant Full ofChoices -- This unique book explains the simple truths of life that will help you understand and get the life you want.
  40. 2001 - An Energy Odyssey -- A Comprehensive Review Of Meridian Energy Therapies 2001.
  41. Cappuccino & Success -- 101 short motivational stories to beat the blues and Turn You On positively!
  42. Reclaiming Your Authentic Self -- How to Find and Heal your Authentic Self-Introducing a Major Advancement in Bringing Healing & Happiness into your Life!
  43. Institute for The Law Of Attraction -- Making it easy for you to succeed!
  44. Top Notch Internet Opportunity -- In 59 Minutes or Less.
  45. APT -- Regression and Self Improvement.
  46. American Feng Shui Institute -- Traditional Feng Shui School.
  47. Tecnicas de Estudio --
  48. The Master Keys to Your Genius -- Earn 40% in Promoting the Outstanding Empowerment Program MK2YG. Real Results. Real Quality. Real Value. Read More.
  49. The Treasure Chest -- A Modern Technology of Transformation and Enlightenment based on Venusian Life Science.
  50. Balanced Success -- Your resource for personal and organizational success.
  51. Online Counsellor New Zealand -- Delivery of online counselling service through email and online chat. Many benefits accompany using the net for counsel.
  52. Search The Planet -- Search The Planet Pays YOU for Each Search Performed.
  53. The Midas Method -- Personal Growth, Goals & Prosperity Consciousness E-Book.
  54. Counseling Resources: Divorce, Marriage -- Resource material to rebuild and enable you to help yourself / others through difficult / traumatic circumstances.
  55. Visio-Quest -- A Formula for Clearer, Enhanced Thinking.
  56. Get Set Now -- How To Achieve Extraordinary Success.
  57. Schoolhouse Educational Publishing -- Stories and guided imagery on CD to help children and teens with behavioral problems.
  58. Quotes from Western and Eastern Thinkers -- Lots of quotes on love, money, wisdom and pertinent topics from famous authors in new E-book. Gain a new perspective.
  59. helpYourselfCentral - Help Yourself -- What if you could get whatever you wanted? Money, Power, Influence! Whatever you desire - we will HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF.
  60. Axis-One.Com -- Online counseling and self help resources for mental health.